Kicks (15)

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This drama of folie à deux owes a small debt to My Summer of Love, being the story of two teenagers – Nicole (Kerrie Hayes) and Jasmine (Nichola Burley) – who bond over a shared obsession in a young Liverpool footballer (Jamie Doyle).

Leigh Campbell's screenplay delves into a volatile mixture of envy, fantasy and barely understood longing as the girls begin to stalk the object of their desire, fastening on the footballer as a means of escape from the misery of a broken home. The commentary on Wag culture and its desensitising vulgarity is darkly outlined, and the two leads offer a convincing portrayal of lives emptied of any ambition beyond the spoils of "celebrity". The melodrama of the final half-hour is less persuasive, and its moral vision is skewed by revelations of the footballer's tawdry social life – surely not as shocking to his two idolaters as the film implies.