Leap Year (PG)

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Did you know that once every four years, on leap-year day, 29 February, women in Ireland can propose to their boyfriends? No of course you didn't; you thought it was the prerogative of women anywhere in the world.

But Anand Tucker's astonishingly inept romcom starts with this dodgy premise, and goes downhill. Super-controlling Bostonian Anna (Amy Adams) thwarted by her boring beau's refusal to pop the question, seizes the opportunity afforded by his business trip to Dublin, and heads for the airport. Through foul weather and mischance she finds herself in Dingle, Co Kerry, and signs up laconic, cash-strapped local barman Declan (Matthew Goode, with a very wobbly Kerry accent) to take her to Dublin in time to propose. Their journey is full of cows, Irish blarney, missed trains, a touch of mythology, a wedding and an overnight stay in a double bed. Romance, you'll be amazed to hear, rears its head. Adams is perky and watchable and almost saves the film. But it's so dumb: how come the eventual proposal, supposedly set a few yards from the Dingle pub, seems to take place on the Cliffs of Moher, 75 miles away?