Loose Cannons (12A)

Starring: Riccardo Scamarcio
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Lightly satirising a chauvinist Italian culture that gives the nod to mistresses but looks askance at gays, Ferzan Özpetek's comedy is also a genial family heartwarmer.

Riccardo Scamarcio stars as Tommaso Cantone, youngest heir to a pasta-making dynasty in Lecce who's planning to drop a bombshell – he's gay – at his homecoming dinner. Instead, older brother Antonio pips him to it, and is banished by the outraged patriarch, who then has a minor heart attack.

Özpetek steers it along at an affable pace, alert to the maddening prejudices of an older generation and to the foibles of youth, yet forgiving of both. It has the feel of light opera, drizzled with Europop instead of arias, and oddly none the worse for it.