Love happens (12a)

Brandon Camp (109 mins), starring Jennifer Aniston, Aaron Eckhart, Dan Fogler, Martin Sheen
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What a title. Not that this crybaby romantic drama deserves much better.

Aaron Eckhart plays a self-help guru who specialises in bereavement counselling, Jennifer Aniston is the florist he cute-meets during a tour engagement in Seattle. Both happen to be nursing their own private griefs, which writer-director Brandon Camp converts into syrupy confessional outpourings of a kind you'd never hear from an actual human being. Aniston just about passes muster, but Eckhart has let himself down badly; his character's brand of motivational massaging is quite creepy, and his romantic overtures shimmer with conceit – he describes himself, unjokingly, as "dashing and debonair". (We'll be the judge of that). The story's big emotional breakthrough is greeted, I'm afraid, by a whole auditorium of people clapping, a response that has nothing to do with drama and everything to do with a peculiarly American gullibility.