Macgruber (15)

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This action comedy began life as a sketch on Saturday Night Live that spoofed a 1980s TV series, MacGyver, about a mullet-headed special agent who preferred not to use a gun.

Instead, he's "good at kickin' ass and rippin' throats", and even though Will Forte's title incarnation is also a nincompoop, a narcissist, a coward and possibly a psychopath, the Pentagon want him out of retirment to foil his arch-enemy-with-an-obscene-name (Val Kilmer – that's not the obscene name). How the 1980s posturing and preening will play with the 14-20 year-old market it's aimed at is uncertain. What I wanted to know: was MacGyver anything like as awful as this? Kristen Wiig lends it a bit of class as the hero's moll, Vicki St Elmo, but Forte is a pain, the scatological crudity unrelenting, and the air of pointlessness unignorable.