One Night in Turin (15)

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This memoir of the England football team's World Cup adventure at Italia 1990 climaxes with the famous night in Turin when they lost the semi-final to Germany on penalties.

Based on Pete Davies's book All Played Out, it tends towards the portentous, with an epigraph from Churchill and questions such as "Where to find the next Messiah?" when all that means is "which player could England pin their hopes on?" So we revisit some fond and familiar sights – Gazza's tears, Lineker's goals, Bobby Robson's rueful smile – and a handful we'd rather forget, including English hooligans, little Colin Moynihan (minister for sport) and Chris Waddle's calamitous spot-kick. The director James Erskine catches something of the mood ("Nessun Dorma" is in there too), but offers nothing in the way of perspective or second thoughts.