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Almost the definition of light relief, this comedy of Parisian bourgeois manners charts the arrival of a PollyAnna-like waitress (Cécile de France) in the capital and her involvement with three specific types: a concert pianist who's fed up with the job, a soap star who's desperate to play Simone De Beauvoir in a new biopic, and a wealthy old geezeur who's selling off his art collection. It plays out a very old-fashioned kind of romance where chance meetings and impulsive allegiances spring up virtually out of nowhere, while a single night resolves all manner of artistic crises, marital disaffections and filial resentments. There is even a shot of lovers embracing against the backdrop of an illuminated Eiffel Tower. How corny can it get? More than is probably good for you, but it does have the unfeignable virtue of charm.