Point And Shoot, film review: Revolutionary is more upset by spilt sugar than bombs or gunfire

(15) Marshall Curry, 82 mins
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Marshall Curry's documentary is like a cross between The Motorcycle Diaries and Walter Mitty with some Lawrence of Arabia thrown in for good measure.

Its subject, Matthew VanDyke, is a laid-back young American who buys a camera and a motorbike and heads to Africa for "a crash course in manhood". He eventually ends up in the Libyan revolution. He is arrested by Gaddafi's forces and spends six months in prison. On his release, he joins the rebels during the battle of Sirte and is nearby when Gaddafi is killed.

VanDyke is a very unusual revolutionary. Nothing fazes him apart from his obsessive compulsive disorder – which means he is more upset by spilt sugar or dirty bathrooms than he is by bombs or gunfire.