Rag Tale (15)<br></br> Serenity (15)<br></br> Night Watch (15)<br></br> Saraband (15)

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Serenity (15)
Whedon, who masterminded Buffy the Vampire Slayer, went on to make another TV series, Firefly, dumped after 11 episodes. Serenity continues the story, with spiffy effects and smart one-liners.

Night Watch (15)
This sci-fi horrorfantasia has The Matrix series in mind in terms of visual pyrotechnics and an algebraic plotline. Ithas been claimed as an allegory of Putin's Russia, but its doom 'n' gloom scenario is so complicated and dark that it could really be about anything at all. Tough Watch.

Saraband (15)
Ingmar Bergman's swansong reprises the lives of the couple in Scenes from a Marriage. Liv Ullmann's poignant, sixtysomething face remains one of Sweden's sites of outstanding natural beauty.