Rapt (15)

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Yvan Attal plays another self-satisfied alpha male heading for a fall – his second in a week after Leaving – in Lucas Belvaux's intriguing kidnap drama.

Stanislas Graff (Attal), a corporate plutocrat with links to the government, is abducted outside his plush Parisian mansion. His kidnappers make sure the police are taking them seriously by sending one of their victim's fingers with the ransom note. Yet from here the story doesn't go the way we might expect, not least because there's haggling over the payment of 50 million euros for his safe return. What really muddies the water, however, is the dirty stream of revelations about Graff's private life – a love nest, a string of affairs, some whopping gambling debts.

And if it's all mighty stressful for his wife (Anne Consigny) and two daughters, imagine how Graff himself is feeling, chained and blindfolded in a dark room, unaware that his case has become a political football. The long waiting game between the kidnappers and the police make the film rather one-paced, though the procedural detail of the abduction – on both sides of the law – is acute and absorbing. It should also cure any yearning for immense wealth: just look at what can befall those who have it.