Readers' review: Sex and the City 2 (15)

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"After being coerced into seeing Sex and the City 2 by three female friends, I reluctantly went. At least I was going to the Coronet in Notting Hill Gate, one of my favourite London cinemas. Being gay seemed to cause the most laughs, which made me question what year I was living in. Samantha and her menopausal symptoms seemed to me to be as funny as it got. What was I doing watching four ageing women parading in a never-ending supply of overly expensive clothes? I upped and left. I couldn't take it any more. It was the singing that did it. Enough was enough."

Karen Lawley

"Personally, my friends and I who attended the movie, were SHOCKED, I say, simply shocked, by how completely offensive so many elements of this film were..."


"The girls are back! I don't care about bad reviews. I expected them. It's what happens when you have an amazing success. We watch them because we love them, but most of all, we love their glamour. Needs now dictate that I'm more Clarks and cava, but I can fantasise about Manolos and mojitos, and, oh, those clothes. I can dream about Prada rather than Primark for a couple of hours and transport myself to Abu Dhabi in preference to Alicante. Where's the harm in that? It's fun. Bring on SATC3."

Buff Ashford

"I was one of five men in our packed local cinema. Bits of it were laugh-out-loud funny but I got a sense I was watching a Carry On film most of the time. Two-dimensional characters in cartoon-style escapades with enough product placement to make the producers very happy..."

Greg Collins

"I was dreading going. But I have to admit that I laughed a lot. The movie was a grown girl's fantasy. It's the most 'chick' of any 'chick flick' ever made. I don't expect any man to get it. As little girls, we play with Barbies and we dream of fashion, shoes, hanging out with girlfriends, living in castles, having butlers. We all accept that those are fantasies for our childhood. But in this movie, those fantasies become a reality..."

Rania H

"Frankly, a very slow laborious movie, it would have been quicker to go out and have sex in the city!

Aspects of it were very funny. If it had only lasted an hour it might have been more digestible. As Samantha would have it, maybe it's time to put it to bed."

Susanne Hakimi

"I am a big Sex and the City fan but this was disappointing. It's time for them all to retire into married life gracefully. There were moments of brilliance from Samantha with her eternal sexual appetite, which remains undiminished despite the ageing process and hot sweats of the menopause. "

Marie Murphy

"No wonder the UAE refused to allow this dreadful sequel to be filmed in Abu Dhabi. It was beyond culturally insulting. The mindless New Yorkers didn't even know what a prayer call was by the end. They would have heard it five times a day coming from every mosque. "

Caro Bailey

"To quote the Dakota Indians: 'If you should find yourself riding a dead horse, it is advisable to dismount.'"

Mark Andrew Bond

"I loved it ... it was entertaining and relevant, that's all it was supposed to be."

Helen Driscoll


Olly Dean

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