Requiem for a Killer (12A)


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You'll never scoff at Midsomer Murders again. Mélanie Laurent plays a beauteous opera singer who also happens to be a top assassin: check the way she poisons a communion wafer in the church vestry and places it just so for her victim to swallow.

Next for the chop is a British baritone performing at a lakeside music festival in Switzerland, whither an ex-special ops agent (Clovis Cornillac) has been sent to foil her.

A sort of intrigue plays out, with Laurent's skills tested to the limit when a fatally dosed bottle of claret is drunk by three men instead of one. Zut alors!

The pompous elegance of the setting and the stilted acting call to mind those Ferrero Rocher ads of the 90s, only with this particular bonbon, director Jérôme Le Gris is definitely not spoiling us.