Southern Softies (U)

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Graham Fellows follows up his earlier spoof It's Nice Up North with another investigative outing for his alter ego John Shuttleworth, Sheffield's least fashionable singer-songwriter.

Armed only with a handicam and his doughty spirit of goodwill, Shuttleworth tours the Channel Islands posing questions about Southern "softiness" to various bemused denizens. While it would be unwise to expect much (any) insight, there are laughs along the way, most of them springing from a wry observation of his own amateurishness (he plays a disastrous gig) and a sense of lyricism to rival McGonagall's ("Northern folk are hard as nails/ Fortified by Arctic gales/ They know what hard work entails/ Yes, they know what a cold and cough is/ But do Southern Softies?").