The Collector (18)

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More foul than Fowles, this begins quite tensely before plunging headlong into an atrocious slice of torture porn.

Josh Stewart plays an ex-con who, desperate to pay off his wife's creditors, goes to burgle the house of his wealthy employer. He soon wishes he'd never bothered, for the same night a masked intruder has broken in and mined the whole place with lethal boobytraps. Does our hero cut and run or stay to save the family from this maniac? The question would be more urgent if the killer's modus operandi made any sense at all: instead, we are left to puzzle over why he brings along human "bait" in a trunk and spends hours on the most elaborate death-traps ever set. With his selection of knives and superhuman strength he could get the job done in ten minutes. But then this is the creation of Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, "the twisted minds behind Saw IV, V and VI". Are they very proud of that "twisted"?