The Crazies (15)

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Things aren't great in the Midwestern town of Ogden Marsh (pop. 1260) An airplane full of experimental toxins has crashed in the local swamp, poisoning the water supply.

You can tell which locals are infected by their furious expressions, disintegrating faces and fondness for murder and arson. Then the military arrive to seal off the town and shoot anything that moves. Through this doubly lethal Hades walks David the sheriff (the Gary Cooper-ish Olyphant) and his pregnant wife, Judy, encountering nutters in the diner and zombies in the carwash. This remake of George A Romero's 1973 movie is gross, bloody and savagely effective, with its palette of sickly browns and reds, and the nasty surprises that jump out of clapboard barns and innocent meadows.