The Devil's Double (12A)

Readers review this week's big film
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"It's not going to set the film world alight, but I enjoyed The Devil's Double. Dominic Cooper is really great – he's positively chilling as Saddam Hussein's son, Uday. It's amazing to see him play two roles, too: Uday, but also his body double."

A French

"NOT a 12A cert..."

Chris Smith

"I just watched it yesterday, here in the States. It's really over the top, and is similar to Scarface in that fashion. Enjoyable and entertaining, but I wouldn't say it was the definitive history of Uday Hussein."

Nathan Suddeath

"Next part of the film: The Devils's Triple... talking about Gaddafi's life."

Nor Noar

"Accident of birth is an eternal, fascinating theme, and The Devil's Double brings to mind anything from Twelfth Night to The Prince and the Pauper in reminding us that chance holds all the cards when it comes to the circumstances in which we are born – and indeed, how we look. Thus may you happen to be the eldest son of a megalomaniac dictator or someone who happens to resemble him so closely that your life is appropriated by said dictator. The profundity of this film doesn't go much deeper than that, but it's entertaining and thought-provoking nonetheless – and Dominic Cooper is always good to watch."

Elfie Perkins

"Iraqi army lieutenant Latif Yahia, played by Dominic Cooper, joins Saddam Hussein's family when he's forced to become the body double to Saddam's eldest son, Uday Hussein, also Dominic Cooper. It's no Iraqi Scarface, but Cooper is brilliant in both roles."

CharlIe Man

"A fascinating glimpse inside the marble-and-gold palace of Saddam Hussein's world."

Steve Brent

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