The Devil's Rock (18)

Starring: Craig Hall, Matthew Sutherland
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Not content with tipping Europe into cataclysm, the Nazis were also summoning allies to its war machine from the Very Maw of Hell.

That's the premise of this ridiculous but not unenjoyable occult horror flick from British director Paul Campion. On the eve of D-day a Kiwi commando mission is dispatched to take out a German emplacement in the occupied Channel Islands, thus diverting Hitler's forces from Normandy. But what Capt Grogan (Craig Hall) discovers in the base can only be explained by the base's one surviving SS man, Col Meyer (Matthew Sunderland). The two leads manage to keep their heads, at least until the last 10 minutes when the diabolic atrocities soar into comic-book absurdity.