The Keeper Of Lost Causes, film review: Slice of Nordic noir looks like a glorified TV drama

(15) Mikkel Norgaard, 97 mins Starring: Nikolaj Lie Kaas, Fares Fares, Sonja Richter, Rasmus Botoft, Eric Ericson
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Adapted from one of Jussi Adler-Olsen's Department Q novels, this is a perfectly serviceable slice of Nordic noir, but it's hard to work out what it is doing on a cinema screen.

In spite of the occasional formal flourishes – most notably a slow-motion car crash in the snow that is shot as if it's a stylised scene in a Lars von Trier movie – the film looks like a glorified TV drama.

Imagine an episode of Taggart transplanted to Scandinavia and you'll come close to its essence. Lead actor Nikolaj Lie Kaas, as Inspector Carl Morck, is almost as dour and miserable as Mark McManus used to be as DCI Jim Taggart.

A grim story involving a missing woman is competently told, but there is no disguising the utterly routine nature of the material.