The Last Kiss (15)

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Zach Braff seems to be specialising in comedy dramas about how difficult it is to be a young, white, middle-class American male with no problems. In The Last Kiss he's about to turn 30, his gorgeous girlfriend is pregnant and he has a good job as an architect - the must-have career for any romantic hero in Hollywood. But instead of celebrating how brilliant his life is, he frets that it holds no more surprises, so he's tempted by the advances of an even-more-gorgeous student.

A faithful remake of a soapy Italian film, L'Ultimo Bacio, The Last Kiss is scripted by Paul Haggis, the writer of Crash and Million Dollar Baby. It has a few honest moments and amusing lines, but by doling out similar crises to Braff's three buddies, each of which illustrates how women are dedicated to ruining men's lives, it ends up as a misogynist whinge.