The Playlist: Sigur Ros / Cat Power / Can / Lorelei / Kitty Pryde ft Riff Raff / Jessie Ware / Ice Choir


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Sigur Ros

Fjogur Piano

The video features a naked Shia LaBeouf crying and drawing on people. Suitably arthouse for this stripped-down gust of melancholy.

Cat Power


Power sounds a long way from her dirty rhythm-and-blues roots on this piano-led track. But beneath the layers of synths her voice retains all of its Patti Smith-esque grit.


A Swan Is Born

An experimental, never-before-released track to promote the band's forthcoming three-CD box-set of studio and live recordings.


Hammer Meets Tongs

Lorelei return, 18 years after they released their debut LP, with this quirky little teaser track. The album it's taken from is released in August.

Kitty Pryde ft Riff Raff

Orion's Belt

So youth-oriented it would alienate a 16-year-old, this pseudo-stoned hip-pop sits somewhere between Ke$ha and Souja Boy.

Jessie Ware

Wildest Moments

Beat-driven soul from pop's latest hotly tipped female star. Artsy and confident, Ware is more Flo Welch than Jessie J.

Ice Choir

I Want You Now and Always

Kurt Feldman's latest project has a decidedly camp, 1980s-influenced sound.