The Ugly Truth (15), Robert Luketic (96 mins)

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Hard to know what to hate more in this: Gerard Butler’s smug shock-jock, whose boorish sexist claptrap (“The Ugly Truth”) is allegedly the toast of daytime TV, or his producer (Katherine Heigl), a singleton who goes on dates with a “checklist” and can’t understand why the man takes offence.

And yet, in spite of their mutual antipathy, she takes on board his dating tips so as to bagherhunky doctor neighbour (Eric Winter). So take your pick between priapic oaf and imbecilic control freak. Actually, what I hated most of all was the script , which smears these so-called insights into the sex wars with pointless (and witless) crudity. More depressing still, it’s written by three women. Were they trying to prove they couldbeasmoronic and vulgar as men? If so, job done.