Travellers (18)

Starring: Shane Sweeney, Alex Edwards
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Deliverance in the English countryside is not such an outlandish idea, but it would probably require more money, and definitely more finesse and competence, than this ragged DIY film can muster.

Kris McManus, shooting on the hoof in wobbly DV, doesn't seem to have rehearsed his actors very thoroughly, so most scenes proceed with the stop-start uncertainty of something by the Children's Film Foundation. Four city boys arrive in the country, pitch their camp in a field and decide to antagonise the locals – "pikeys", inevitably – by trashing a run-down caravan. Big mistake. Soon they're running for their lives from a band of furious Irish travellers wielding guns and knives. The bareknuckle fight scenes have a grungy authenticity, but everything else looks like it was shot for tuppence and meant for YouTube.