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Al Pacino dusts down his mentor/father-figure act once again, this time as a New York sports-betting bigwig who takes on ace tipster Matthew McConaughey and grooms him as his successor, just as he did Keanu Reeves ( Devil's Advocate), Johnny Depp ( Donnie Brasco), Colin Farrell ( The Recruit) and others before him. Doesn't he get bored doing the same thing over and over?

McConaughey - too old for the part - starts out annoyingly cocky, then goes into smug overdrive once the money rolls in: you may see more than you want of his buff body, and indeed of his buff face.

Screenwriter Dan Gilroy hasn't the chops to make the Faustian-pact idea fly, so settles instead for a strutting, iron-pumping jock fantasy where blokes with meaty forearms high-five each other while watching American football. "Dismal" hardly covers it.