U2 3D (U)

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This concert film is compiled from the South American leg of U2's Vertigo tour, and if you've never warmed to their competent brand of messianic stadium rock, it will grieve you to note audiences going nuts for it in Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Sao Paulo. Por favor!

Whatever the merits of the music, the spectacle of the band on stage is not an exciting one, with Clayton and The Edge striking some very dull poses as they watch Bono cavort around with his usual self-important bluster – a missionary in wraparound shades.

You can't blame him for relishing the adulation, but you can be baffled by it. I no longer see his mug without thinking of David Walliams' hilarious impersonation of him in Rock Profile, complaining that he still hasn't been paid for performing at Live Aid.

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