'Sex and the City 2' selling out

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Six weeks prior to the opening of Sex and the City 2, the sequel to the movie version of the hit HBO television series, advance tickets are already selling at a surprisingly strong pace. The film releases in theaters May 27 in the US and that week in many countries around world.

According to the online theatrical sales site Fandango, the movie has accounted for 20 percent of daily sales, compared to Kick-Ass which reached 17 percent, and outselling films opening sooner.

The speculation is that female fans are buying tickets as screening parties for gatherings of friends among the film's loyal fan base. As a girls-night-out "event film," SATC2 is shaping up like the first installment which earned more than $415 million worldwide.

The film reprises roles for Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Davis, and Kim Cattrell, and actors who play their husbands or boyfriends, such as Chris Noth.

Also selling, is the film's long list of product placements and promotion arrangements, similar to its first installment which was a boon for advertisers.

With a leading lady who is a fashion hound, it is no surprise to find designer dresses, shoes, accessories, and sunglasses. But one significant change is that Hewlett-Packard computers will replace character Carrie Bradshaw's visible MacBook. Parker will also appear in HP's television commercials, print and online ads.

SKYY Vodka announced a comprehensive global marketing deal as the "official" vodka of SATC again, offering limited edition bottles designed by the film's costumer Patricia Field.

In keeping with its "Champagne to the stars" image, Möet & Chandon will be the women's exclusive Champagne, with tie-ins to sweepstakes, billboards, store signage, and magazines ads in Elle, Essence, InStyle and Vanity Fair. Ads feature four Champagne cocktails newly created for Carrie (‘Fashionista'), Miranda (‘Player'), Charlotte (‘Socialite'), and tart cherry with mandarin flavors for Samantha (‘Bombshell').

When not toasting the town, the four cinematic friends will sip Lipton Sparkling Surprise tea, as the non-alcoholic beverage of choice.