Summer's schedule of 3D movies

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With the 3D film boom powering up the summer box office, the following movies offer dimension and special effects to make the experience pop off the screen. There are sequels and adaptations, animated family favorites, epic adventures, talking animals, horrific creatures, and dancing.

Shrek Forever After
US release: May 21 (opens worldwide through July and Japan in December)
No one recognizes Shrek? In this fourth and final adventure, the giant animated green ogre lands in Rumpelstiltskin's kingdom where he must restore his world and reclaim Fiona to live happily ever after. Features the voices of Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, Eddie Murphy, John Cleese, and Julie Andrews.

Toy Story 3
US release: June 18 (opens worldwide through July, Scandinavia in August)
Woody, Buzz and their toy-box pals are dumped at day-care where they encounter new friends - and foes. The all-star voice cast includes Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Michael Keaton, Whoopi Goldberg, Timothy Dalton, and Joan Cusack. Adventures fly across the screen as the toys try to reunite with Andy.

The Last Airbender - Shot in 2D and converted to 3D
US release: July 2 (opens worldwide through July and August)
A live-action adaptation of the popular animated television series, this epic tale involves a young Avatar who possesses the power to control the elements but must battle the war-mongering fire benders to save the world. Stars Dev Patel ( Slumdog Millionaire) and newcomer Noah Ringer. By director M. Night Shyamalan ( Signs, The Sixth Sense).

Despicable Me
US release: July 9 (opens worldwide through October)
With a stylish comedic twist, the summer's only original animated story comes from the producers of the Ice Age movies. The wicked Gru plans to steal the moon, until a trio of charming orphan girls foils his efforts to be the world's worst super-villain. Stars the voices of Steve Carell, Russell Brand, Kristen Wiig, plus Julie Andrews.

Cats & Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore
US release: July 30 (opens worldwide through October)
In this sequel to the 2001 movie, the new 3D version has chatty canines and felines forming a truce in an attempt to stop the sinister plans of an evil spy cat. Features the voices of Alec Baldwin, Bette Midler, Chris O'Donnell, and Roger Moore.

Step Up 3D
US release: August 6 (opens worldwide through August)
The third installment of the popular dance series for tween fans of the franchise. Set in New York, this story pits street dancers in a showdown against the world's best hip-hop breakdancers. Director Jon Chu returns with Adam G. Sevani and Harry Shum Jr. (from the hit show Glee).

Piranha 3D
US release: August 27 (opens worldwide in August, Australia in October)
A loose remake of Joe Dante's 1976 horror story, where Lake Victoria is suddenly plagued by millions of prehistoric man-eating piranhas unleashed by an earthquake over Spring Break. The cast includes Elisabeth Shue (Leaving Las Vegas), Ving Rhames (Pulp Fiction), Richard Dreyfuss, and Christopher Lloyd.

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