Twilight’s 'Eclipse' tops advance ticket sales for 2010

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Midnight showings of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse on Tuesday night account for 82 percent of daily advance ticket sales on Fandango, the top online movie ticket seller in the US. It has been in its top five since May 14.

Reflecting the habits of Twilight fans, according to the company's survey of more than 1,000 Eclipse ticket buyers:

- 69 percent say the positive internet reviews increased their interest in Eclipse
- 58 percent plan to see it more than once
- 45 percent plan to see the movie with groups of friends
- 28 percent will see it on a date
- 33 percent are 24 or younger
- 34 percent are age 25-34

Besides Twitter buzz and positive reviews online, film trade publications also agree: according to The Hollywood Reporter, "It took three films, but The Twilight Saga finally nails just the right tone in Eclipse, a film that neatly balances the teenage operatic passions from Stephenie Meyer's novels with the movies' supernatural trappings."

Variety also gives the film high marks: "Pic feels the most cinematic of the series so far by focusing on what works: the stars."

Another US-based online advance ticketing company,, also states that Eclipse is the top advance ticket seller on its site, with more than 50 percent of daily ticket sales.