First And Last

From the record collection of tanita Tikaram
Architecture and Morality OMD

"It was revolutionary at the time, or so it seemed to an 11-year-old. I listened to it intensely for a year without being able to understand the title. It was like a concept album, the geometric shapes on the cover and the two versions of "Joan of Arc". It's funny, because it hasn't really stayed with me, but as a kid these weird elements seemed like `wow!'".

Rose and Charcoal Marisa Monte

"I heard this on a compilation tape in a friend's car, an amazing cover version of Lou Reed's "Pale Blue Eyes". When you discover a new voice and it's utterly compelling, you just fall in love. It is quite rare, as you get older, to discover things like that. And to find a singer who has real warmth and a sexy, sensual album. It is one of those records you live with."