First Call, Last Call

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First Call

BLACK EYED PEAS are a LA-based M.C trio whose funky-beats have gained commercial acclaim on the back of Warren Beatty's Bulworth soundtrack. They follow in the tradition of groups like Blackstar, DMX and Company Flow, paying homage to the old school while adding musical elements of their own. Black Eyed Peas' traditional hip hop is flavoured with Latin- soul vibes and R&B. Trained in freestyle dancing and stage-diving, they put on an exiting live show.

Empire Theatre, London W1 (0171-771-2000) 15 Feb

Last Call

IN SAMUEL BECKETT'S enigmatic exploration of time, Krapp's Last Tape, Edward Petherbridge (right) plays an old man obsessed with the past. Employing few props, this is a disturbing work that has little dialogue apart from that coming from a tape Krapp recorded 30 years ago, speaking about his lost love. Petherbridge has been touring with the play for the past year and a half, and adds to London dates Beckett's wordless, 35- second play Breath, plus a question-and- answer session.

Arts Theatre, Great Newport Street, London W1 (0171-836 3334) to 6 Feb