First Call, Last Call

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First Call

THE TRICYCLE THEATRE has added a reconstruction of the Stephen Lawrence inquiry to its dramatisations of the Scott Arms to Iraq inquiry and the Hague 1996 War Crimes tribunal. Considering the topical nature of the subject, it's no surprise that The Colour of Justice is transferring to the West End, but recent media scrutiny hasn't numbed the impact of its shocking examination of evidence that points towards corruption and racism in the Metropolitan police force.

Victoria Palace Theatre, Victoria Street, London SW1 (0171-834 1317) opens 3 Mar

Last Call

IF A PERSON'S fame was solely dependent upon their looks, Rob Newman (right) would fare better than his ex-comic partner, David Baddiel. Yet when they split, only a day after playing to a packed Wembley Stadium, Baddiel went from strength to strength and the broodingly good-looking Newman dropped out of the TV limelight. However, the comedian-turned-novelist proved his mettle with a successful stint at last year's Edinburgh Festival, where according to the critics, he displayed immense intelligence.

Barracuda, High Street, Lincoln (01522 525828) 1 Feb