FOOD & DRINK / Daily Bread: What the world's strongest man ate one day last week

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For breakfast I had five poached eggs, two rashers of bacon, a tin of beans, three rounds of white toast and butter, and eight ounces of oat porridge with milk and sucrose - that's fruit sugar, it's better for you. A pint of semi- skimmed milk to drink. Mid- morning, four chicken and salad cream sandwiches. I've got to have my salad cream and it's got to be Heinz - I can't stand anything else. Plus a pint of semi-skimmed milk. Lunch - breast of chicken cooked with onions and spices, really nice, a pile of white rice, and green beans, all covered in gravy, and a can of diet Ribena. Mid afternoon I had a protein drink - I make it myself in the blender, about three-quarters of a pint of milk with three eggs, two egg whites and a banana. At tea time I had about four ounces of pasta spirals with half a tin of tuna canned in water, and a bottle of Ultra- Fuel, a high-carbohydrate drink, fruit punch flavoured. After training I had a big plateful of chicken breast, rice and salad - cucumber, tomatoes and spring onions, with more salad cream, and a pint of milk. Before bed I had three shredded wheat with a tin of pineapple poured over, plus milk over the top. The whole day was around six to seven thousand calories. It's very difficult to eat so much, especially the eggs in the morning - they keep repeating on me, sometimes I really have to hold my nose and throw them down. It's a healthy diet; there's nothing there but carbohydrates and protein plus a bit of fat. I do like sweet things and sometimes I have a pudding, but then I feel guilty. I have to follow this diet all year round. And I do all my own cooking.

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