Four wheels good, eight wheels embarrassing?

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What has eight wheels, five doors and can be spotted regularly holding up the A30 in Devon? Yes, that most frowned-upon of British traditions, the caravan. It's time to throw out those ancient preconceptions about caravan drivers and discover the revelation that is the 21st-century mobile accommodation unit at the Leisure and Caravanshow. Altogether 150 exhibitors will be displaying their wares around the main feature of this year's revamped show: an eight-caravan holiday home village. Of course, in the world of caravan etiquette, you wouldn't be seen dead without an awning strapped to the side and, although size isn't everything, when it comes to wind, rain, shine and the neighbours, it certainly helps. So this year's show has a special awning feature, plus the chance to buy every accessory you could possibly need on your next pitch, along with a few you really don't. Competitions include the chance to win a Haven holiday and a brand- new caravan, plus the presentation of a green award to the most environmentally- friendly park in the country. And if that isn't enough to make you unhook the rusting piece of junk in your driveway and head straight to Earl's Court for an upgrade, then maybe you should take that Mediterranean cruise after all..

Earl's Court, London SW5, 10am-7pm to 3 Dec