Fringe: Omid Djalili is Ethnic

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Omid Djalili is Ethnic

Given safe conduct from the PC cops by virtue of his dual English and Iranian heritage - slyly dubbed his "ethnic bilateral spontaneous displacement" - and with the confidence of national and Fringe successes behind him, Omid Djalili is able to quaff deep from that poisoned chalice of alternative comedy and racial and cultural difference.

The self-styled Arab Al Pacino mixes vibrant, observational commentaries and physical comedy to rich effect - his dad's more proud of his son's BMW than his BA. Patronising white liberals needn't feel too smug either. For those prone to parading "ethnic awareness" as a moral trophy, he gleefully rubbishes the tie-dyed glamour of the bongos and the namedropping of Third World theatre companies.

But, sensitive to our guilt-edged mirth, Djalili is as generous as he is acute: "It's alright - you can laugh." Thank Allah for Omid Djalili. Venue 2, Fringe Club, to 30 Aug (not 13, 28), 9.20pm (0131-226 5138)