Fringe / Shakti

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Fringe / Shakti

Do not go. Not even out of curiosity. Shakti, the half-Japanese, so-called erotic dancer swept into Edinburgh on a wave of hype largely thanks to a prim Scottish lady called Moira Knox who tried to have Shakti banned from the festival. Short of having yourself publicly burned by a bishop, there are few better ways to fill a theatre with punters eager for stimulus. Boy, were they disappointed. A feeble rag bag of Eastern dance styles imperfectly mastered and amateurishly combined consists mostly of Shakti stroking herself appreciatively and flicking her hair back and forth. A few of the more obvious Kama Sutra positions are perfunctorily simulated with a large Japanese who appeared to be having about as much fun as I was. He is rumoured to be Mr Shakti, which might explain his look of utter boredom. The finale features her cavorting orgasmically in naked silhouette behind a large screen - a stock striptease effect. At least the burlesque dancer has no pretensions to being more than an erotic entertainment. Shakti isn't even that. Do Not Go.

n It's at the Pleasance if you must know