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Banjo Kazooie HHHHH

Nintendo 64 Nintendo has reverted to its original style and released a game full of furry animals and cute sounds. While Banjo Kazooie is like something out of kindergarten, it does have excellent qualities. First, it contains the superb graphics and easy gameplay that made Mario 64 a huge success. Also, the vast gaming environment and the many tasks you have to complete will provide plenty of entertainment. If you can survive its fluffiness, it's a darn good game.

Nintendo, on release, pounds 49.99

The X-Files HHHH

PC CD-Rom We've all seen the TV show; now we can play the game. To add yet more lustre to an already booming industry, The X-Files now makes it onto the PC in a new, full-motion video detective game. The basis of the game is to discover the whereabouts of Scully and Mulder by finding clues and solving mysteries. Unlike most of its predecessors, this is a very fascinating and involving game. The truth is out there, but remember: trust no one...

Fox Interactive, on release, pounds 39.99

Fluid HH

PlayStation There have been a lot of innovative releases recently, but none of them comes close to Fluid, a music-making game in which a dolphin (yes, a dolphin) takes you around the different soundtracks. The game allows you to sample and mix the sounds that you hear as you play. Unfortunately, it is very long-winded, and so it is easy to lose interest. Although Fluid is a good idea in theory, in practice there just isn't enough to do.

Sony Entertainment, 28 Aug, pounds 29.99

Bomberman World HHH

PlayStation Bomberman and Super Bomberman, when they were released years ago, were the first and last in a line of truly great games. Bomberman was loved for pure frantic gameplay. Bomberman World still has that in multiplayer mode, but it also has poor graphics and an annoying isometric camera. It does have some decent features, but the poor quest mode and cheesy new characters have detracted from what was a fantastic game.

Sony Entertainment, 28 Aug, pounds 34.99