Gardening: This week

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I have a Gardena sprinkler which keeps getting jammed so that it only waters one section of its potential arc. If this happens, soak the sprinkler in a sink of water to displace any grit or soil and pour some oil over any moving parts

1 Oriental poppies are beautiful but they only last for a couple of weeks. Cut the plants right down to the ground as soon as they go over, leaves and all. This will leave sizeable gaps in your flowerbed which can be filled with tender perennials like salvias or dahlias. The soft, fluffy leaves of the poppies will emerge again in a few weeks, providing a backdrop to other flowers and, treated so harshly, may even provide you with a second flush of flower

1 Melanie Eclare has written a heart-lifting book about a child growing towering sunflowers from seed. Perfect as a present for any child, `Tilda's Seeds' costs pounds 8.50 (Ragged Bear Publishing)