Gardening: Weekend Work

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BONFIRE NIGHT offers an excellent opportunity for burning diseased prunings, not to mention the roots of perennial weeds and rotten bamboo stakes. Prune free-standing apple and pear trees that have dropped their leaves and become dormant. Cut down on the feeding and watering of house plants, and stop watering cacti altogether. Continue to feed and water so-called Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera), however, as they begin to flower.

The blustery weather of late may well have rocked established roses and other shrubs. Tread round the base of these, where gaps have opened up.

Take hardwood cuttings of shrubs and fruit bushes.

Protect any evergreens recently planted, with windbreak material tied to bamboo canes, placed on the windward side. Otherwise there is a danger of these plants desiccating in windy winter weather.

Continue to cut down flowered perennials, if not needed for winter interest, and clean up borders.