Happy Anniversary: Last outing for London's famous trams

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SOME dates to celebrate in the coming week:

5 July:

National Day of Venezuela.

1865: Britain introduces world's first speed limit of 4 mph in the country, 2 mph in town. At the time, there are only two cars on the road.

1948: Jean Murray, of Ashton- in-Makerfield becomes the first baby born on the NHS.

6 July:

A popular day for the death of kings: Henry II (1189) and Edward VI (1533).

1908: The Pope declares the UK, US, Canada and Holland are no longer missionary lands.

1952: The last tram ran in London.

1957: John Lennon, 17, first met Paul McCartney, 15.

7 July:

1906: Britain stages its first hot-air balloon race.

1942: The Vatican allows women without stockings to enter St Peter's in Rome.

1982: Michael Fagan breaches Buckingham Palace security and sits on the Queen's bed.

8 July:

1932: Harold Davidson, the Rector of Stiffkey, is found guilty of disreputable association with women. He is later defrocked for, among other things, making improper suggestions to a waitress in a Chinese restaurant. He died in 1937 after being mauled by a lion in Skegness.

1946: Margaret Roberts, Somerville College, is elected president of the Oxford University Conservatives.

9 July:

1887: Paper napkins introduced at a dinner in Hastings.

10 July:

1947: Government announces that Princess Elizabeth will receive extra ration coupons to purchase her wedding dress.

1958: Britain's first parking meters are installed in London's Mayfair.

11 July:

National Day of Mongolia

1859: Big Ben first chimes at the Houses of Parliament.

1938: Inuit in the Arctic complain of a heatwave as temperatures soar to 67 degrees F (19C)

1950: Transmission of Andy Pandy, the first TV children's programme.