Happy Anniversary: Sax, LPs, hypnosis and gorillas

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Some dates worth celebrating this week:

21 June:

1876: The first gorilla arrives in Britain.

1937: Wimbledon first on TV.

1948: First LPs launched by Columbia Records.

22 June:

1814: The MCC and Hertfordshire contest the first cricket match at Lord's.

23 June:

1848: Adolphe Sax patents the saxophone.

1987: The US Supreme Court backs the use of testimony obtained through hypnosis.

24 June:

1717: First Freemasons lodge opens in London.

1947: A pilot, Kenneth Arnold, reports nine disc-shaped objects over Mount Rainier, Washington, and flying saucers are born.

25 June:

1797: Nelson loses his right arm at the battle of Santa Cruz.

1811: Sir John Throckmorton wins a wager of 1,000 guineas that a coat can be made between sunrise and sunset, starting from an unshorn sheep.

1867: Lucien B Smith of Kent, Ohio, patents barbed wire.

26 June:

1862: Joseph Wells, father of H G Wells, becomes the first man to take four wickets in four balls in first-class cricket.

1901: Parisian chauffeurs protest at a move to prevent them wearing moustaches.

1939: Public executions in Paris abolished.

27 June:

1693: Publication of the first women's magazine, the Ladies Mercury.

1967: Britain's first cash dispenser appears in Enfield.