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Perhaps one day this millennium will be known as the thousand- year war.

Ed McBain

In the Psychiatrist's Chair (R4)

The feeling of terror that I experienced (in Chile) in September 1973 has never left me.

Hugh O'Shaughnessy

From Our Own Correspondent (R4/WS)

Does your family have a variation on that whistle which says "Get out of the bra department of Marks and Spencers?"

John Peel

Home Truths (R4)

The Aztecs' flame for their alcoholic beverage translates as "four hundred rabbits".

Thinking Aloud (R4)

Do the panel know of any plants that would act as repellents to large mammals? My problem is a hippopotamus.

Kenyan visitor to Oxfordshire,

Gardeners' Question Time (R4)

I've fallen over in every play I've ever done.

Dame Judi Dench

Midweek (R4)

His ad said "Spike Milligan seeks rich well-insured widow, intention murder" ... he got about 15 replies.

Cecilia Nicholson, 'Private Eye'

The Small Ad (R4)

This is the worst conversation I've had since I met that woman on a milk-train out of Brighton in 1972.

Tommy Boyd (Talk)

'Thank you for coming in'

Nicky Campbell

'Thank you for being here when I got here'

Gore Vidal

(Radio 5)