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Caskets and condoms: late-century variations on the breathless, horizontal themes of sex and death; how we come and go; the corruptible body's attempt to put on incorruption.

Thomas Lynch, poet and undertaker

The Bang, the Whimper and the Boom (R4)

In maybe 10 years I'll be dead and under. They'll throw dirt on my face and go back and eat potato-salad.

Tony Campolo, Clinton's spiritual adviser

The Choice (R4)

When I'm with the President, I'm with a man who hurts, and I hurt with him.


I've come to look on the Booker with some geniality now; I won't hear a word said against any of the judges.

Ian McEwan

Today (R4)

Billy Graham is the greatest evangelist this planet has ever known.

Cliff Richard Frost on Billy Graham (R2)

When I get to heaven, God might well send me to other planets to evangelise them.

Billy Graham


How do we know that Mozart wasn't a coke-head? That's a good one.

Nicky Campbell


Would you be influenced to take drugs, Mary, because Alice Cooper put half of Colombia up his nose?


Welcome to 'King Stupid', the show that does for Radio 4 panel games. Full stop.

William Vandyke

King Stupid (R4)