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Many people are being paid in what their factory produces ... light- bulbs, concrete blocks, brassieres and, in some cases, even coffins.


A View From Abroad: Russia, R4

I think that having one's hair a bit shorter - it was only a tiny bit shorter, only a token cut - that was a sacrifice I was content to make.


On following Thatcher's orders, In the Psychiatrist's Chair, R4

When I stop presenting these madcap, devil-may-care shows to feed my hungry ego, what will become of me?

Chris Evans, Virgin Radio

And the main news ... I can't bring you any because I haven't got any headlines. But it's all to do with President Clinton ...

The Breakfast Programme, R5

How old are you, Matthew? 13? And you really believe that what the leader of the Free World does is none of our business?


To caller, Hayes on Sunday, R5

If the apocalypse is going to happen, it's going to strike Hampstead. Maybe ...


Weatherwise, R4

Is that clip you just played from that film 'Acropolis Now'?

Caller to Nick Allan, Talk Radio