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Amount lent annually by the World Bank for emergency relief after natural disasters, predominantly to the developing world: $8.8bn

Number of tons of garbage handled daily by Makattam, a so-called "garbage village" of 17,000 inhabitants on the outskirts of Cairo, the main employment in which is to collect and recycle the city's waste: 1,200

Amount Brisbane spent on a lunch for the International Olympic Committee in East Berlin as part of its bid for the 1992 Olympics: $1.9bn

Cost to the British film industries of the decision of the producers of

the Star Wars prequels not to use British post-production facilities: pounds 150m

Number of minutes a day the average Westerner spent laughing in the 1950s: 18

Number of minutes a day the average Westerner spends laughing in the 1990s: 6

Percentage of Americans who get less than 6 hours sleep a night: 32

Percentage of books published in UK each year which are translated from foreign languages: 2

Percentage of books published in France, Germany and the Netherlands each year which are translated from foreign languages: 16

Of the 800,000 Icelanders who have ever lived, percentage whose entire family histories are recorded: 75

Number of information technology jobs waiting to be filled in the member states of the European Union: 500,000

Number of bicycles stolen a month in Amsterdam: 15,000

Number of Japanese teachers taking leave of absence last month because of the stress caused by disruptive students: 1,609

Number of Japanese teachers reprimanded last month for striking students: 414

Compiled by Will Hobson

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