How the critics took to La Traviata

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David Gillard, in the Daily Mail: "In Jonathan Miller's uncharacteristically dreary new production of Verdi's great romance it is Violetta, the consumptive Lady of the Camellias, who wears the trousers - literally."

Edward Seckerson, for The Independent: "For a moment or two, Miller wrong-foots you with a flash of sexual ambiguity: Violetta is the one in the tight black pants and waistcoat, fashionably decadent."

Graeme Kay, editor of Opera Now: "In musical terms I thought Violetta absolutely terrific and Germont pere, sung by Christopher Robertson, was very fine. Alfredo - John Hudson - came into singing very late and needs to work on his stagecraft."

Tom Sutcliffe, in the London Evening Standard: "Quite simply a triumph for Rosa Mannion . . . For a star to steal the night so conclusively is far from usual at the ENO."