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Sir: Robert Fisk's articles on Iraq raise an issue that applies worldwide. Over the past fifty years we have seen time and time again that children are the first to suffer from sanctions. We hope that the Foreign Office's current review will ensure that in future the UK carries out a child impact study before imposing sanctions.


Deputy Executive Director, Programme


London WC2

Sir: Finian Cunningham's Historical Notes (20 October) are a timely reminder of the solidarity between the Nazi elite in Germany and the British elite prior to 1937. In his sordid tract Mein Kampf, Hitler insists again and again that he fully identifies with the British Empire, in the anticipation that he could emulate it in the East.


London N19

Sir: I note (Motor Show '98, 21 October) that reference is again made to the "strong pound". Is this true? Several European currencies are now at the same level as at the beginning of last year. Only a few years ago when the French franc was trading at about 7 to the pound, manufacturers were complaining about the damaging cost of imported components. So just what are considered to be desirable rates?