In thing: Ad Mad

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SELDOM in the history of popular culture has there been a board game with so canny a conjunction of frivolity, demographics and corporate desire as Ad Mad. The frivolity is supplied by the game, with its eight rooms, eight TV sets, eight remote controls and Trivial Pursuit-style questions about Esso Blue, Ryvita and PG Tips. The demographics are supplied by thirtysomethings who grew up glued to the goggle-box. The corporate desire is Channel 4's, bursting into a lucrative market by co-sponsoring Ad Mad with Sony (yes, the aforementioned eight TV sets flaunt the Sony brand).

Less than a snip at pounds 27.99, Ad Mad is both game and promotion. Should be big with the ironic crowd and those poor saddies who know all the words to the Milky Bar Kid jingle.

Ad Mad, available from Toys 'R' Us, House of Fraser, WH Smith, John Lewis, Hamleys and Harrods.

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