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Miles nose-to-tail juggernauts would stretch loaded with ozone-layer-destroying and troposphere-polluting nitrogen oxides emitted annually by British Airways flights: 17

Unit concentration of nitrate in British rain in 1988: 21.4

In 1991: 22.5

Kilowatt-hours of electricity used by BA at Heathrow and Gatwick airports 1990-91: 204,500,000

In 1991-2: 206,100,000

Tonnes of sulphur dioxide emitted by Ince, Cheshire, electrical power station in 1988: 3,822

In 1991: 8,207

Conservative Party magistrates in Sunderland: 65

Independent magistrates in Sunderland: 2

Publicity expenditure of the Scottish Office in 1982-3: pounds 541,000

In 1991-2: pounds 2,349,000

Year of establishment of fully staffed French forest service on Mauritius: 1777

Year 20 per cent of Tobago's forests were set aside as 'rain reserves': 1764

Pounds of pasta eaten by Americans per capita each year: 19

Forecast consumption per capita in 2000: 31

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