Latitude 2013: Five minutes with... CocoRosie


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Bianca Cassidy is one half of quirky folk-rock sister act CocoRosie, who play the BBC Radio 6 Stage at this year's Latitude

Which latitude are you on right now?

Paris, France. Half way around the world from Hawaii.

Sum up what you do for us in one sentence for anyone who might not know…

I am in a band with my sister called CocoRosie. We sing and dance and play instruments. In one sentence I can't seem to sum up anything. We are about to release our fifth album. We have been a band for 10 years.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Breathing wildly and jumping around to get the blood flowing. Smearing lipstick all over our faces, painting our legs brown.

What’s your best festival story for us?

I'm sure we have done some ridiculous things over the years. I'm terrible at funny stories. I personally love naked swimming sessions. There have been plenty of those.

Tell us a something you’ve never told an interviewer before…

My father is a cross dresser.

What’s your signature cooking dish?

Pasta with sausage and a rosemary pink sauce.

What book/film/record etc. changed your life and why?

"Miracle of The Rose" by Jean Genet. I discovered I was a gay man.

Knock Knock…who’s there…