Leading article: Cry freedom

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PIGS MAY be more intelligent than cattle but they also, as importantly these days, seem more adept at burnishing their public image. Consider the different fates of some of God's creatures who have recently cried freedom and escaped the abattoir.

The Tamworth Two, Butch and Sundance, quickly achieved very favourable media coverage and now enjoy porcine superstar status. They are appearing in their own national tour and charge pounds 1,500 for an appearance.

But the black bull that managed a similar break yesterday found itself being hunted with helicopters, a pack of dogs and searchlights, only to be unceremoniously executed by a Cleveland police marksman when he had got as far as the River Tees. No cute nickname to remember him by. No tabloid offer to buy him and care for him for the rest of his natural. Not even an invite from Richard and Judy.

All animals may have been created equal, but, it seems, some are still more equal than others.