Letter: Air fare hijack

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Air fare hijack

Sir: About seat-back catering ("The problem with freebies", 27 February), my mate and I went skiing in 1972, flying on a Caledonian 1-11. There were two flaps on the back of the seat in front, with twist toggles on them. We opened them to find a cheese roll and piece of fruitcake in each. Being conditioned to eat anything put in front of us on an aeroplane (we were both pilots - for another airline) we ate both on the ground at Gatwick before boarding was complete, only to find that when the cabin crew gave their pre-flight briefing they included a plea only to eat one meal as the other was for the return. So if you were flying to Gatwick at about 2 am on 2 January 1972 and had no cheese roll and fruitcake, Tony and I apologise. Yours was delicious.


Egham, Surrey